Method in our madness?
Our task is to try to dig out the harbour basin as deeply as possible whilst also trying to maintain a decent depth of water in the channel.
Until recently we have been using a digger mounted barge, a tracked digger and two dump trucks.
Unfortunately the cost of maintaining the trucks and barge outweighed their usefulness and they have now been scrapped.
Digging in the immediate future has therefore been suspended.





Maidens Harbour Trust AGM

Saturday 13th April 2019

10.00 AM

Maidens Bowling Club

All Welcome

If you would like to serve on the committee and reside in Maidens or surrounding area please contact Jim Eaglesham on 07854118277

Please note the contact details on are out of date, please see below.

We regret that we have no berths currently available.

For berthing or launching enquiries you can contact our harbourmaster Jim Eaglesham on



We regret that the entrance channel despite being dredged in 2016 has silted up again, we would advise that the channel almost drys at MLWS.

Welcome to our website!

This web site has been created in an effort  to keep both locals and visitors to the area informed on what is happening with Maidens Harbour.
The harbour is owned by Maidens Harbour Trust and managed by Maidens Harbour Trust Management Committee.
The ultimate aim is whilst remaining in community ownership to gradually improve and develop the harbour until such times as it is financially self sustaining.







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Our funding for this work has come from three main sources.
Firstly, Berthing Fees; second, Fundraising activities (mainly Harbour Gala) and thirdly Grants from suitable bodies.
In addition we have in 
past received two substantial donations from private indivuals.
This has allowed us to make several improvements including installation of second hand pontoons, the provision of a limited number of metered power outlets, slipway extension and a picnic and viewing area.



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