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23rd April

Well as those of you who have been in Maidens will probably have noticed we have now scrapped the dump trucks and barge.
It was with mixed emotions that we saw them go but they were just getting too costly to keep running.
We have kept the digger and in fact have spent a fair bit of money on it, so it will still be available for lifting tasks etc.

For a few photos of our 2012 gala please click 2012 Gala Photos

21st August

Well after an amazing harbour gala where we raised almost 3500.00 I am going to put my feet up.

An absolutely brilliant day and a big thanks must go to all who helped both on the day and by way of donations of prizes etc. and in planning support.
Special mention must go to Jan Boyle for her "brass neck" in getting raffle prizes and selling the same donators raffle tickets, well done Jan.
Also Magic Malky who volunteered a show that had the kids (and some of the adults) rivetted.
Once again a massive big thanks to all. 

18th July 2012

We have been having a wee rest over the last few weeks, prior to this during the month of May we have been doing almost the last run with the barge in the basin clearing away " Mount George", this was a bank that showed at very low tides. We have still one more run to do back down this area and hopefully that will be us finished with the barge.

Following this dig we have finally got the last of our pontoons in place.

Golf platform has been refurbished ready for the gala day on the 18th August so let's hope for good weather and perhaps we will see you there.

22nd March 2012

Well it's been a while but finally that's our picnic and viewing area finished, well almost, we have a tiny wee bit of block work to do in the corner and then level off, any luck and we will get that done this weekend. See what you think from the photos below.

Our sincere thanks to all who contributed time, materials, blood, sweat and broken fingernails.
In particular mention must go to Tony Roper for the monoblocks and red gravel chips, Duncan Barr and BBB for machinery, materials and expertise and especially, for we couldn't have done it without him, to Gary Coltrop a big big thankyou.

21st August
Looking for Jim Simpson, Jim you are the winner of the voucher for Wildings Restaurant but unfortunately your telephone number was incomplete on the ticket stub.
So Jim if you are out there please contact me  on 
Eaglesham@gatesidemaidens.freeserve.co.uk to get your prize.

The rest of our raffle prize winners are listed below.  

Meal for two at Culzean Castle:    Mary Brennan, Turnberry Holiday Park.
100.00 of Outdoor Activities at Turnberry:  Betty McWilliam, Girvan.
Lunch for two in Cottars Restaurant:  Hugh Stuart, Dunabies Caravan Park
Shanter Riding Stables, Riding lesson / Trek: Helen Woods, Ayr.
Hamilton Bros. Garage, Oil Change: Billy Sloan, Maidens.
Hamilton Bros. Garage. M.O.T. Michael Hopkins, Girvan.
Wm. Grants, Bottle of Whisky: Natalie Roger.
Two day break Laggan House Holiday Park: E Jack
Complementary Therapy Treatment: Irene, Ayr.
Cut and Blow Dry, Profiles Malin Court: Reece, Turnberry Holiday Park.
20.00 Voucher for Woodlands Restaurant: Leanne Willis.
Box of White Wine: David Mcgettigan.
Lobster: Dennis Mason

Well done to all.

Click Gala Photos to see photos of this year.

14th August
Slowly recovering from another brilliant harbour gala.
Afraid I didn't manage to get any photos so if anyone out there has any we could use please Email them to me at Eaglesham@gatesidemaidens.freeserve.co.uk

Details of how much we have raised aren't available just yet but will be posted here as soon as we get the information, however we believe that we will have been just as succesful as last year.
Sincere thanks to all who came along and made it a great day.

Below are some of our sponsors who support us year on year and to whom we are extremely grateful.

Donald Mclean & Dougie Caldwell

William Grant & Sons Distillery

Hamiltons Garage

Irene Eaglesham (Complementary Therapy)

Laggan House Country Park

Little Ks Kitchen

Malin Court Hotel and Restaurant

National Trust for Scotland (Culzean Castle)

Profiles Hair Salon (Malin Court)
Scotprime Seafoods

Shanter Riding Stables
Thomas Tunnock Ltd.

Turnberry Hotel Outdoor Activities


Woodland Restaurant (Cassillis Estates)

You are too many to mention individually but a special thanks to all those volunteers who worked so hard to make it the success it was and please please please will you do it again next year?

Just heard that the gala cleared 2647.13.

Once again thanks to all.

29th May
Just posted five new (old) photos circa 1980 on the photos page, these are courtesy of Ken Nason who along with Helen White have posted a couple of very nice comments on our guestbook page, many thanks to both.  

28th May
Apart from (and possibly because of) the gale force winds we have had a few days off working at the harbour but we will be back.
Next thing on our list is to get the scrap pontoons cut to a size so that they can be taken away to the scrap merchant, buy some more wooden decking to improve the landing stage area further and I still have another three lights and two power supply boxes to get sorted, this in addition to continuing with digging in the basin.
Oh and we have a "Hardy Spicer" joint away on the Volvo truck which we need to get off and replaced.
Never a dull moment!

21st May
We've been that busy I haven't even had time to keep this section up to date.
Amongst other things we have been removing the last of the shuttering from the steps and inserting another float on the landing stage pontoon.
The last few days we have been deepening the basin end of the channel and to day we also resited a couple of the channel markers.
We have also been repairing the barge bucket which had more than a few holes in it.
Some of the harbour lights have been replaced with another three still to do.

7th May
Bottom steps concrete poured.

6th May 
Bottom steps shuttered.

5th May
Landing platform clad with decking.

4th May
Upper steps concrete poured.

3rd May
Upper steps shuttered.

2nd & 3rd May
Floats removed from scrap pontoons and pontoons readied for removal.
Spare pontoons resited and anchored in east section of basin.

29th, 30th April & 1st May.
Landing Platform fabricated and fitted, old broken steps removed ready for concreting.

20th April

Three days and five low tides digging in the channel.

Digging the channel at Maidens Harbour

Digging Channel

17th April
Well it's done and looking good, with 50 tons of hardcore base, 27 cubic meters of concrete and a lot of sweat, nearly some tears and even some of my blood
our slipway extension is finished.

17th April
Please note due to extension work the slipway will not be available until 22nd April, please telephone harbourmaster to ascertain the situation.

16th April
Our AGM was hels in Maidens Bowling Green

Follow link below for minutes of meeting.

AGM Minutes

 8th April
We understand Westwinds Cruising are returning to Maidens with their 44 foot Island Gypsy this summer.
See  http://www.westwindscruising.co.uk for details

8th April
Please note due to extension work the slipway may not be available until 30th April, please telephone harbourmaster to ascertain the situation.

10th March
Please note our AGM will be on Saturday 16th April at 10.30am in the bowling green clubhouse.
All welcome.
If anyone would like to serve on the management committee please contact David McGettigan on 01655 331404 prior to this date.

22nd February
Catastrophe almost strikes again.
We had a problem yesterday in that the digger threw a track when coming out from digging in the basin, if this happens it is usually possible to limp out on one track using the jib as a sort of crutch. Unfortunately when trying to do this the other track came off.
We managed to get Jock Paterson and Robbie Robertson with another digger and actually propped our digger up on a couple of large boulders to try to keep the critical parts out of the water as the tide came in.
I am pleased to tell you all that we succeeded and Jock and his workers managed to replace one track and limp our digger home this morning.
Our sincere thanks to all that helped out both yesterday and today.

19th February
We successfully welded new sleeves to allow the spud legs to be replaced on the barge.

25th January
With a relatively low tide Hughie managed some good digging opposite pontoon No1 as would have been seen by the large mounds of clay, boulders and mud he managed to stockpile, we will be moving this to the corner within the next few days.

YouTube Video

24th January
We attempted some digging in the channel where some sand has been building up however due to the tide we only managed to get about six lorry loads before the tide threatened to strand both lorry and digger on the Western side of the channel. We will need to catch some really low tides to make it worthwhile going back there.

22nd January
Pontoons positioned in preparation for extending existing, however pin on digger track threatened to come out and it took rest of day to replace.
We did manage to get one 6.6 mtr extension installed on pontoon No1.

21st January
I regret that we were advised that applications for three separate grants we had applied for have been turned down.
The first two which were to Investors in Ideas (Lottery) and Carrick Futures were to assist in funding the Sailwest feasability study for Maidens Harbour.
The second which had been approved by SAWET (South Ayrshire Waste and Environment Trust) was refused approval by ENTRUST (who regulate the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs).
The implications of this will be discussed at a management committee meeting on Saturday 29th.

1st December
With the removal of the majority of the boats for the winter opportunity has been taken to continue digging with the barge, digger and trucks. Unfortunately after three or four weeks of success one of the sleeves that the barge legs slide up and down in gave way, this is now awaiting repair before we can start again.
Meanwhile we are continuing minor servicing and repairs to ensure the machines are all running for the new year.

9th October.
Well that's the summer season ended and a number of boats have been taken out for the winter.
On that subject a wee reminder that any boat staying in for the winter must pay their winter fees by 30th October.
At a meeting of the management committee on the 18th September it was agreed that the fees for 20011-2012 would rise to 45.00 a metre for the summer season and 35.00 a metre for the winter season.
Also agreed at this meeting was that the gala be held on 13th August at the slightly earlier time of 1.00pm.

30th August
My apologies for not updating sooner but we have been pretty busy with gala arrangments and also with getting the two trucks up and running again, yes you heard right both trucks are running again not only that but we are pretty sure we have fixed the leaks in the barge.
Lets keep our fingers crossed.
As you will know the gala exceeded all our expectation with regard to attendances whether our funds will also be up remains to be seen. We will post what we have raised once we have the final figure.
As you will see from the front page I have tried to thank everyone but if I have missed someone (my wife for doing the burgers) I really am sorry.

30th June minutes of EGM posted on Website

19th June Public Meeting and E.G.M.
Meeting went very well indeed although not as many attended as we had hoped,
The two matters under consideration were discussed at some length and the general consensus was that the harbour trust should proceed but with caution in regard to over development in respect of the Sailwest project.
See EGM page for full minutes of meeting.

18th, 19th & 20th June another seven legs attached to harbour wall.
45metres of pontoon assembled and installed alongside the harbour wall. This gives us pontoons right up to the steps.

4th June Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting posted on Website (see page entitled E. G. M.).

2nd June Official response from Marine Scotland giving us the all clear although suggesting that clay should be stockpiled in the South East corner of the basin.

18th May, We had an appointment with an officer from Marine Scotland (the body that protects our Marine environment), also an officer from South Ayrshire Council's Environmental Health section.
This followed a complaint earlier in the month regarding the trust depositing dredge material over the harbour wall and a vist from an officer from SEPA.
Whilst the official response from these bodies could take a couple of weeks to come through all seemed to be satisfied we had done nothing seriously wrong. I would urge anyone who has any concerns about anything the harbour trust is doing to please speak to us as hopefully we can allay any fears they may have at the time.
It is our intention to try to devise some means of demonstrating how quickly the horrible black material (which is actually decomposed seaweed) dredged from the harbour turns to sand when it is exposed to the air.
16th & 17th May with much messing about an outrigger leg was attached to pontoon, this we believe will be the real test. Major welding repairs undertaken on barge, there is much concern that it may not make it.

9th & 10th May, 4 riser legs for pontoons fitted to harbour wall and the sections of pontoon previosly roped on now properly secured, this is still very much a trial to see how these perform in various tides and sea states (all seems o.k. so far). Also on 10th May the barge got stuck with legs in down position, those that saw it will know what a drama we made of it. More pontoons transferred from beach to basin.

7th May Following discussions with South Ayrshire Council planning section an amendment to planning application for pontoons and slip extension was lodged with South Ayrshire Council.

2nd and 3rd May, several sections of pontoon relocated from beach to harbour basin, one section located against harbour wall with ropes as a trial. (See photos).

1st May 2010, a management committee meeting is planned to take place in the small church hall to discuss  and take a decision on a village meeting regarding the Sailwest project.
(Agreed that village meeting to take place, (date to be agreed) information to be distributed to village prior to meeting.)

Barge relocated to South end of basin and recommenced digging along with digger.

31st April, 2010 Minutes of AGM posted on Contact Us web page.

30th April, 1st, 2nd & 3rd May, hopefully split the pontoons and move to harbour basin.

25th April 2010, saw a continuation of this work with the first course of gabions completed, a great big vote of thanks to all those that helped and in particular Gary, Reece and Abigail and also Davy Kerr.

24th April 2010, saw a serious start made on the gabion retaining wall at the high water mark, also digging of an area of the harbour basin using the barge.

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